Med Students

  • Flesh and Bones is a comprehensive site with a question bank, image bank, lists of mnemonics as well as general exam tips. The site is funded by the major book publisher, Elsevier. Registration is required though is free.
  • Scrubbing up is a great free site with 100s of questions in MCQ and EMQ format, free registration is required. Click here.
  • Clinical A great site featuring 341 questions suitable for MBBCh, free registration is however required.
  • Surgical Tutor A site aimed at budding Surgeons, contains loads of questions, some of which are suitable for final MB
  • Medical Finals has some questions on Neurology, Rheumatology and General Practice
  • New Media Medicine has some free MCQ quizzes here. Free registration is required.
  • WebHealthCentre has 2062 free questions here. These are aimed at Med Students, free registration is again required via Micro$ofts Passport.
  • 123Doc has a commerical offering who normally charge £39 for 4 months for a E-course. They are kind enough to have a demo with 11 questions for free here.
  • On Examination offers online questions for £40 for 4 months, but you can access some free questions here, here, here, here and here.
  • Medibyte has 15 free cases for medical students here.

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