General MRCP Book Reviews

December 22, 2007 – 5:17 pm

A selection of core texts I recommend for all stages of your revision for MRCP.

  250 Cases in clinical Medicine
“One of the essential texts to help you prepare for Finals, PartII or PACES. Deals with cases logically and has the right amount of detailfor PACES and more than enough for Distinction at MB level.”
      RRP £31.99
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  Essential revision notes for MRCP New Edition
“Kalra is probably most peoples starting point for MRCP. Written by a Nephrologist from Manchester, who also features heavily in the PASTEST courses, in this revised edition this text helps build a framework to build your part 1 revision around.”
      RRP £25.99
Amazon Price £19.95
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  My First MRCP Book
“You gotta buy it even its just for the cheesy cover, another great introductory text from the BMJ Group.”
      RRP £25.99
Amazon Price £19.95
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  2. I am planning to take MRCP part 1 on Sept.,2008.There is a testing center here in Qatar at Hamad Hospital.I subsribed an online revision course at Pastest and also ordered some of their books,the books are 25% off when you subscribe.I want to join the forum of those who will also take the said exam.Thanks for the info i have gathered in this website,it was very helpful on my part.

    By Jackie Calunod on Apr 22, 2008

  3. I always see book reviews about Kalra revision notes,so it was #1 on my list of books that i ordered.

    By Jackie Calunod on Apr 22, 2008

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