Review of Ealing Course MRCP PACES Course

December 22, 2007 – 4:47 pm

Review of Ealing Course PACES Feb 2002
Duration: 2 Weekends
Price: About £500
Overall Rating 5/5
Summary: Well organised with lots of good signs.

Course Title
PACES Clinical
Dr J. S. Kooner
Location Ealing Hospital
Date Mar 2002
Duration 2 Weekends
Price Around £500
Organisation 5/5
Teaching 5/5
Value for Money 5/5

Course Format

2 Weekends of bedside teaching and practice exam scenarios, with actors
being used for case history and ethics stations.


Cardiology and Neurology signs were excellent, but there could have been
more cases with abdominal signs. The course was well organised and the price
competitive. This course is designed to be taken immediately prior to the
exam; it would be less suited to a candidate at the start of their PACES

Would you recommend this course?

Yes, a good course to be taken as last minute revision.

Overall 5/5

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