Review of Pastest Manchester Part 2 Course

December 22, 2007 – 4:27 pm

Course Review for Pastest Manchester 2002
Duration: 5 days
Price: £575
Overall Rating 4/5
Summary: Well organised with lots of good slides.

Course Title
MRCP Part 2
Pastest Limited
Location Manchester, Dental School
Date Feb 2002
Duration 5 days
Price £575
Organisation 5/5
Food 4/5
Literature 4/5
Teaching 4/5
Value for Money 3/5

Course Format

5 days of topic based sessions. Most sessions consisted of an introduction,
explanation of questions that had been set prior to the session followed by
a review of key areas including m-mode echocardiograms and Cardiac


I found the course to be well organised, the location central with good
public transport facilities. The provided questions were good and most of the
lectures were excellent. We were encouraged to memorise questions to be sent
in after the exam in self addressed envelopes. Books with some discount were
available at the venue, but were also available on the pastest website. The
nightlife was excellent.

Would you recommend this course?

Yes, but at the time (2002) there were more competitively priced
courses with smaller groups.

Overall 3/5

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